SWFFA Week 2 Photos

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Here are the photos of the SWFFA (Sacramento Women’s Flag Football Association) that were taken on Saturday, September 29 at the field on 21st Street & C Street in Sacramento.

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Speed Racers/F.A.T.  Willie Seirer (mr. “RENO”)

Dogg Pound/Wicked & Wild  Bj Coletta

Speed Racers/Wicked & Wild  Nancy Kozicki

For more information on the SWFFA (Sacramento Women’s Flag Football Association) go to www.sacramentowomensflagfootball.com.

A Photo Sneak Peek of the SWFFA

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Here’s a sneak peek of Saturday’s SWFFA (Sacramento Women’s Flag Football Association) games.  More pictures will be available tonight.







Speed Racers/F.A.T. Willie Seirer (mr. “RENO”)

Dogg Pound/Wicked & Wild:  Bj Coletta

Speed Racers/Wicked & Wild  Nancy Kozicki

Good Times Roll at “Suds on the Green”

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The rain far from spoiled the event that day. 


                   Sirens “FORE” Eagles

                      Casey of Sports Page Magazine zooms in on a key shot

Everyone was invited at the ninth hole where they were under the protection of tents with the best seats in  the house where ever they stood.  Everyone was mingling from other tents laughing and joking during tournament play.  The team members themselves got in with the crowd as cheering and hollaring was heard for that good shot from the tee.

Fun, Fans and Good Times was the atomosphere that filled the air at “Suds on the Green” Saturday at William Land Golf Course. 


The Sacramento Eagles hosted its third National Golf League tournament, by far the most fun this blogger has attended in the last three years of NGL Events.  I think this one may have marked a new direction for the league.  “It’s all about the fans” was a true statement that I will go on record saying again.  This particular event I was wearing three different hats.  The first, I was there representing the media, the second a Sacramento Sirens invited guest in support and in cheer for the Sacramento Eagles and the third as a representative for a visiting team that I put on hold until after the days event end.  Letting my guard down, while still maintaining a sense of professionalism as the camera was clicking for what entertained me the most.  This I hadn’t seen at any of the NGL Events in a long time.  The feeling of one with the fans and all the team members of the Eagles, Zone, Power, Breakers, Drivers and Spin.  Laughter and good times filled the air.   Yes, it also could have been due to the Unlimited Beer Tasting, Great Food, Good Music with sponsors such as Budweiser, Coca Cola, Lexus of Sacramento, Markstein Beverage Co., ESPN 1320 AM and Outback Steakhouse.

The crowd also got together cheering on 10 contestants as Lexus of Sacramento offered a $1000 giveaway to sink a 25 foot putt at the ninth hole.  Many other giveaways were also presented by other groups for Rhythm & Ribs tickets at Raley Field, sneak preview of the movie Game Plan, golf ball and tee giveaways at the spin the wheel drawing by Wachovia as well as golf tees provided by The First Tee to name just a few.



(Trying to Win that $1000 Prize)

Proceeds for “Suds on the Green” benefited The First Tee Greater Sacramento.  An organization that helps improve the lives of young people through the game of golf.   For more information visit www.tftgs.org.

Here’s a look at some player shots of the Day:

Media at Work:

Doug Powell, owner of the Sacramento Eagles (above)

Bob Aube, CEO & Founder of the National Golf League

For more information on the National Golf League and scheduled events, as well as teams in your area, visit www.ngl.tv.

With all the good time I had, I almost forgot to tell you the final score outcome:

East Bay Power came in First Place with 31 points & the Sacramento Eagles with 26 points came in Second.

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SWFFA off to a Great Start

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(Information provided by Teala Schaff of SWFFA)

The league is off to a great start, thanks in large part to our sponsors:  Sac NOW, Wilson and Hanger 17.  We’ll have four leagues a year, all at Curtis Park, for women 18 and older and have launched a “loose” women’s list for those who want to play, but have no team.  We’ll be pairing those women with teams who need some extra players and/or forming teams of the ladies on the list.  

All of our members have game-day flag football sports accident insurance, something the city leagues have never offered, and we feel will give some piece of mind and added protection to our members.  Further, the Association has formed a league advisory committee consisting of a representative from each team that will provide input on all league activities and serve as the final say on any call disputes (i.e. jury of our peers).  

Lastly, we’ve been reaching out to the local Curtis Park community association
(Sierra Curtis Community Association) to educate and involve the immediate
community and neighbors on our league.

On a sad note, one of our long-time supporters, Gale Woolstencroft,
passed away in her sleep last week of a heart attack.  Both of her daughters
(Libby and Katie) play on our team as well as the Sirens.  
Our sports
community will be memorializing her support throughout the year and
we will miss
her constant attendance, unrivaled support and warm smile on our sidelines.
She attended every game and every practice and is known as “Mom G” by
hundreds of women in sports throughout the Sacramento region.

Our team, the Dogg Pound, is working to get a tree planted at the park in her honor, so that she can continue to be present for generations to come.   RIP Mom G.

A Season Starts in Memory

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(Thank you for the information provided by Teala Schaff )

In loving memory of Mom G, teams wore black armbands in her honor today. She was everyone’s Mom on and off the field. Rain or shine she was there with cooler and chair. Her memory will live on in all our hearts, with the stories we tell, she will still put that smile on our face. Her chair may be empty, but her memory will not be lost.

Today was the inauguration for the new Sacramento Women’s Flag Football Association.  SWFFA Executive Director, Karen Leon provided opening remarks on the collaboration of the new organization and league within the community.  “The start of this season is a cumulating of many passions”, said Leon.  “The passion of this new founded organization will provide opportunities to all women who would like to play quality organized sports and women’s flag football”.

 The league was inaugurated by the iconic “Dee” capping remarks with “It’s a beautiful day for football”, despite the greyed drizzle.  Four teams battled for the first spot ranking, yet Dogg Pound captured the #1 slot for the first games of the fall season.  Season vets, young blood and fresh meat will rendezvous next week for the second week of the fall league with games at 10 am, 11 am and 12 pm at Curtis Park.

Please visit www.sacramentowomensflagfootball.com for more information or to join.  

Sirens Cheer on the Eagles at William Land Park

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Come out and meet the Sacramento Sirens , women’s professional tackle football team, this weekend at William Land Park Golf Course as they give their support to the Sacramento Eagles (www.sacramentoeagles.com), NGL Professional Golf Team.  The National Golf League (www.ngl.tv) is now in its third season.  

 From the NGL website:

“With a desire to cater to the fan at golf tournaments and provide a highly competitive venue for aspiring professional golfers, the National Golf League was creatively hatched”.

This weekend’s venue is going to be a little different.  The Arena Football concept comes alive this weekend for golf and beer enthusiasts as the Sacramento Eagles go against the five Northern California teams of the National Golf League in a golf tournament like no other.  Canopy suites, along with 40 breweries set the stage on the ninth hole with music and exciting “team golf” drama.

Enthusiasm and cheering is encouraged in the NGL.

Join the Sacramento Sirens out on the Ninth Hole and come cheer on the Sacramento Eagles, who have been very supportive of the Sirens team during the 2007 season.  The tournament begins on Saturday, September 22, at 11 a.m. and admission to the tournament is free.

The Brew Fest with unlimited beer tasting from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm in connection with this tournament and The First Tee of Sacramento benefits from proceeds.  Cost is $18 

 For more information on the event go to http://www.matsonian.com/suds/index.htm

Join the Sacramento Eagles this weekend…

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at William Land Park Golf Course for SUDS on the Green…….



Suds on the Green is a unique concept conceived by the Sacramento Eagles Professional Golf Team & CreativeCats Presents.

What is it?
Suds on the Green is a full-fledge beerfest taking place at William Land Park in Sacramento.
While you are enjoying the great variety of beer you will be able to watch the
Sacramento Eagles Professional Golf Team as they battle other divisional teams in the most uniquely exciting golf shootout around.

Unlimited Beer Tasting, Great Food, Cool Music& Awesome People… who could ask for anything more!

Tickets are only $18 prepay, so CLICK HERE to get yours today!

To learn more about the National Golf League
Click Here.




William Land Park GC to host “Suds on the Green”

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A Message from the Founder of the National Golf League:

Ninth hole will be rockin’ in the NGL

Sacramento, CA The Arena Football concept comes alive this weekend for golf and beer enthusiasts as the Sacramento Eagles go against the five Northern California teams of the National Golf League in a golf tournament like no other. Canopy suites, along with 40 breweries set the stage on the ninth hole with music and exciting “team golf” drama. Suites accommodate 20 adults with cover surrounding the ninth hole like an arena. Enthusiasm and cheering is encouraged in the NGL replacing the stuffiness and polite golf claps. Videographers will be stationed 30 feet high and eight speakers will be pumping music and adrenalin around the “Suds on the Green” event this Saturday at William Land Park GC. With sponsors like Anheuser Busch, Coca Cola, Lexus of Sacramento, Markstein Beverage and Outback Steakhouse, the party begins at 2:00. In the NGL, this ninth hole is worth one point in the best ball competition. It elevates to two points in the alternate shot and then three points in the scramble. The tournament is hosted by the Sacramento Eagles as they compete against the Sonoma Marin Breakers, Valley Zone, East Bay Power, Silicon Valley Drivers and the San Francisco Spin. More information about the event can be viewed at www.sacramentoeagles.com. The NGL website reveals the teams, live scoring and video clips and can be viewed at www.ngl.tv Sacramento’s William Land Park Golf Course, built in 1924, is excited to host this Saturday’s event. Along with the assistance from the Sacramento Eagles, the course has made dramatic changes in preparation for the event. Golf Course Superindendent Bob Cline has been with William Land GC for eight years and is passionate about the event.    Cline commented, “The NGL has prompted these new enhancements needed to support a professional event such as this. My staff has learned new skills in tournament preparation and it is a thrill to see this course now playing at a high standard. The rough has been uncut and has grown to over 5 inches. The fairways are contoured, cut low and the course has been significantly lengthened.”  Shaking his head with a smile, Cline summed it up, “In my eight years here at William Land Park, this course has never looked like it will on Saturday!” The NGL, created in the Sacramento area, now has 18 teams around the western states and has plans of national expansion. The Sacramento event will be the fourth event of the 2007 season in Northern California. 

For more information contact: 

Bob Aube(530) 756-8916



Women’s Professional Football Team For Sale

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Taken from the Women’s Football Talk website

Journey comes to an end for two Team Owners

If you ever thought about owning a Women’s Professional Football Team, now is the time to take serious consideration.  We just received official word that part of the Sacramento Sirens Women’s Professional Football Team is up for sale.  Currently the ownership is split three ways.  45, 45 and 10.  Up for sale is 45,000 shares or 45%.  If you are interested, please email me at bj@wfbtalk.com with your information and I will forward it on to the owners. 

Dear Sirens Family,

This may be a surprise for some and expected by others, but after long
thought, it’s time for our Siren’s journey to end. We would like to
thank all of those who have participated and who have been part of our
journey with the Sirens 2001-2007. We have met some wonderful people
over the years and I hope thatyou will stay in touch. The Sirens are a
great family and will always have a place in our hearts.
We will be tryng to sell our 45,000 shares, so if there is anyone that
is interested or if there is someone that you know that may be
interested, please contact xxxxxxx at 916-xxx-xxxx. We are looking for people who are willing to step up and be a part of the management team.
We will be around this upcoming season to help withthe transition so
that the Sirens 2008 season runs smoothly. Don’t forget that the
success of the Sirens is in its Players, Coaches, Volunteers and
Owners. The team will continue to thrive for years to come.

xxxxxxx and xxxxthank-you-fans.jpePhoto taken by Terri Formico

NGL Opens its 3rd Season at Coyote Creek Golf Club

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The National Golf League had its season opener on Saturday, August 4 at Coyote Creek Golf Club,

coyotecreek.jpg . dscf0161.jpg     

located in San Jose, CA.  Coyote Creek is tournament home to the Silicon Valley Drivers as well as home to golf pro Shawn McEntee,


who has played in over 30 PGA Tour events, playing with the likes of Lee Trevino and Fred Couples.  Shawn is currently Director of Golf at Coyote Creek.  This is the first year that Coyote Creek has hosted a National Golf League event.  Special thanks goes out to Jerry, Tony, Mike and Dick, staff members of Coyote Creek Golf Club, whom were very hospitable and accomodating to the guests, players and spectators. 

The National Golf League was founded by Davis Businessman, Bob Aube.  Speaking with him on Saturday, I was captured by his enthusiam and potential for the NGL.  Listening to him talk with envision, I too could see how this league was unfolding and where he wanted it to go.  Mr. Aube talked about the expansion of the league and to what the current teams and team owners were anticipating in the upcoming events.  I have been a follower of the National Golf League since its early beginnings when they started with just six teams.  I know what this league is capable of and I am very excited for its growth and for its future.

The National Golf League promotes ‘team play’.  27 holes are played seperated by 3 rounds of golf.  The format includes Alternate Shot, Best Ball and The Scramble.  The fans are even encouraged to walk along side the golfers through every shot and every hole.


Fans following the Silicon Valley Drivers and East Bay Power to the next hole 


Sacramento Eagles player (Brian Tucker) makes his shot at the ninth hole while spectators and players watch

Here’s what the NGL site has to say about its league:

The idea of “team play” will enhance the game of golf with new strategies and innovative coaching techniques. It will establish new rivalries that mirror other sports. As the popularity increases, media will have a new, stimulating league to extend its coverage to increased audiences. Players are enthusiastic about a new venue, one that offers an alternative to the traditional tours. Like other professional leagues, the NGL will cater to its customer – the golf fan and create a new accessible stage.

The NGL also has a new feature, with a price tag of about $50,000, so I was told.  A new web site went live last week, www.NGL.tv.  On the site you can view Teams, Players, Events, and Live Scoring.  You will soon also be able to make bets with the Fantasy feature of the site. 


Photo snapshots taken from the NGL.tv web site


Live Scoring will not only be up to the minute electronic input hole by hole, but you will also be able to track the players ball as it is being hit.  Signals will be transmitted via the ball and be able to view to where it lies on the golf course from your computer.  This new technology was being tested on Saturday.  Golfers were being followed around and signals were being sent from their golf balls.  Aspects of this site are still being developed.

The NGL season opener fan base wasn’t as high as originally anticipated, but a wedding party soon crashed the event. 


Tournament play met with success.  For the fans that did attend, they were immediately entertained by music playing at the ninth hole, located near the clubhouse.  Tents surrounded the hole as the golfers made their approach.  As each golfer made their shot, they made their way towards the announcer who greeted and introduced them to the fans.  Pictured below are team members from the East Bay Power and the Sacramento Eagles. 



Here is a glimspe of other players of the day.


East Bay Power


San Francisco Spin


Sacramento Eagles


Davis Zone

The WIN of this event went to the East Bay Power, who were trailing in the number three position up until the last hole.  That is why this league is so EXCITING…..because it can be anyone’s game up until the very end.  In second place was the Silicon Valley Drivers and finishing in third place was the Davis Zone.



Terry Moylan (Left, in white) , Owner of the East Bay Power, being congratulated by players of the Sacramento Eagles

To learn more about the National Golf League and the NGL Teams, visit www.NGL.tv .

08/08/07 Correction:  SacTown News has learned that there was a scoring error that wasn’t discovered until after the end of the tournament.  The Davis Zone took second place with 25 points and the Silicon Valley Drivers took third place with 24 points.  I was informed that the scoring process is being reviewed and modified to prevent this from happening again.