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SWFFA off to a Great Start

September 24, 2007 Leave a comment

(Information provided by Teala Schaff of SWFFA)

The league is off to a great start, thanks in large part to our sponsors:  Sac NOW, Wilson and Hanger 17.  We’ll have four leagues a year, all at Curtis Park, for women 18 and older and have launched a “loose” women’s list for those who want to play, but have no team.  We’ll be pairing those women with teams who need some extra players and/or forming teams of the ladies on the list.  

All of our members have game-day flag football sports accident insurance, something the city leagues have never offered, and we feel will give some piece of mind and added protection to our members.  Further, the Association has formed a league advisory committee consisting of a representative from each team that will provide input on all league activities and serve as the final say on any call disputes (i.e. jury of our peers).  

Lastly, we’ve been reaching out to the local Curtis Park community association
(Sierra Curtis Community Association) to educate and involve the immediate
community and neighbors on our league.

On a sad note, one of our long-time supporters, Gale Woolstencroft,
passed away in her sleep last week of a heart attack.  Both of her daughters
(Libby and Katie) play on our team as well as the Sirens.  
Our sports
community will be memorializing her support throughout the year and
we will miss
her constant attendance, unrivaled support and warm smile on our sidelines.
She attended every game and every practice and is known as “Mom G” by
hundreds of women in sports throughout the Sacramento region.

Our team, the Dogg Pound, is working to get a tree planted at the park in her honor, so that she can continue to be present for generations to come.   RIP Mom G.

A Season Starts in Memory

September 23, 2007 Leave a comment

(Thank you for the information provided by Teala Schaff )

In loving memory of Mom G, teams wore black armbands in her honor today. She was everyone’s Mom on and off the field. Rain or shine she was there with cooler and chair. Her memory will live on in all our hearts, with the stories we tell, she will still put that smile on our face. Her chair may be empty, but her memory will not be lost.

Today was the inauguration for the new Sacramento Women’s Flag Football Association.  SWFFA Executive Director, Karen Leon provided opening remarks on the collaboration of the new organization and league within the community.  “The start of this season is a cumulating of many passions”, said Leon.  “The passion of this new founded organization will provide opportunities to all women who would like to play quality organized sports and women’s flag football”.

 The league was inaugurated by the iconic “Dee” capping remarks with “It’s a beautiful day for football”, despite the greyed drizzle.  Four teams battled for the first spot ranking, yet Dogg Pound captured the #1 slot for the first games of the fall season.  Season vets, young blood and fresh meat will rendezvous next week for the second week of the fall league with games at 10 am, 11 am and 12 pm at Curtis Park.

Please visit for more information or to join.  

Women’s Professional Football Team For Sale

August 23, 2007 Leave a comment

Taken from the Women’s Football Talk website

Journey comes to an end for two Team Owners

If you ever thought about owning a Women’s Professional Football Team, now is the time to take serious consideration.  We just received official word that part of the Sacramento Sirens Women’s Professional Football Team is up for sale.  Currently the ownership is split three ways.  45, 45 and 10.  Up for sale is 45,000 shares or 45%.  If you are interested, please email me at with your information and I will forward it on to the owners. 

Dear Sirens Family,

This may be a surprise for some and expected by others, but after long
thought, it’s time for our Siren’s journey to end. We would like to
thank all of those who have participated and who have been part of our
journey with the Sirens 2001-2007. We have met some wonderful people
over the years and I hope thatyou will stay in touch. The Sirens are a
great family and will always have a place in our hearts.
We will be tryng to sell our 45,000 shares, so if there is anyone that
is interested or if there is someone that you know that may be
interested, please contact xxxxxxx at 916-xxx-xxxx. We are looking for people who are willing to step up and be a part of the management team.
We will be around this upcoming season to help withthe transition so
that the Sirens 2008 season runs smoothly. Don’t forget that the
success of the Sirens is in its Players, Coaches, Volunteers and
Owners. The team will continue to thrive for years to come.

xxxxxxx and xxxxthank-you-fans.jpePhoto taken by Terri Formico

New Women’s Flag Football League in SacTown

August 2, 2007 Leave a comment

 Sacramento Women’s Flag Football Association

There’s a new league in town. A new Women’s Flag Football League, that is.  The league is called the Sacramento Women’s Flag Football Association.  The founders of Dogg Pound have created a new league in hopes to get more teams though out the Sacramento regional to join and create a larger league. 

Here’s what you can expect from the new league’s organization: 

– League play to begin in earlier September 

– Our organization is focused strictly on Women’s Flag Football 

– Game schedules will be agreed to at the beginning of the season by all team managers and will not be altered during the course of the season, except due to weather and other non-controllable events. 

– Our organization carry’s sports insurance coverage for all players, which is included in the league fees. 

– We are a non-profit organization and all profits go back into the program to keep league fees to a minimum and to offer skills and officiating clinics.

– Our organization plans to develop a relationship with the Sacramento Sirens to promote tackle football to our flag football participants. Many tackle players started out as flag players and can enjoy both sports. 

– We will include team managers as advisors to our organization and adjust our programs according to the needs and desires of our participants. 

– We are engaging sponsors that may subsidize our event costs, helping keep league and tournament fees to a minimum. 

The new league plans on its inaugural tournament to begin on August 25 at Curtis Park in Sacramento.  The league is currently putting together teams for this INAUGURAL EVENT.  All team play will begin in early September for all of its members, but want to get this off with a kick. 

For more information on the league or to sign up with the league, visit    

SacTown News  is currently seeking writers/and or photographers to cover the Sacramento Women’s Football Association team leagues.  If you are interested, please email for more information.

Detroit Demolition Remain Conference Champs

July 31, 2007 Leave a comment

The Sacramento Sirens couldn’t keep it together against the Detroit Demolition for the IWFL Western Conference Championship, held on Saturday, July 28 in Detroit.  The Detroit Demolition dominated the entire game with play after play action, keeping the Sirens on full “Red” alert through the entire game.  The Demolition executed each and every play effectively.  The offense was in motion after motion, causing the Sirens to react and over react.  This was done on many occasions throughout the game.  The Demolition was even successful in what was thought to be a double reverse, but was in fact a triple reverse.  The Sacramento Sirens never lost hope throughout the game.  Even at the end with 4 seconds left to play, a timeout was called by the Sirens offense in hopes of getting on the scoreboard.  The timeout was not acknowledged and the final score was Detroit 49 and Sacramento 0.  The fans that traveled with the Sirens cheered them on until the very end. 

The Detroit Demolition will travel to Atlanta, Georgia for the IWFL Championship Game held on Saturday, August 11 to play against the 2006 Defending Champions, Atlanta Xplosion.  If you recall, the Atlanta Xplosion beat the Detroit Demolition 21-14 in last years championship game. 

You can be of part of this grudge re-match by tuning into

For more information on the Sacramento Sirens, Detroit Demolition, Atlanta Xplosion or any other of the teams in the IWFL, visit


All Photos taken by Terri Formico 








Next Stop Detroit

July 20, 2007 Leave a comment


Photo taken by Terri Formico

Playing for a team has its advantages as well as its disadvantages when your trying to keep up on your writings.  The disadvantages, at least these past weeks for me, have been starting a story and holding it on the drafts page and never completing it.  Come August, SacTown News will be fully operational.  If you have been following the Sacramento Sirens, you know that they beat the Seattle Majestics in the first round of playoffs 29-12.   Round 2 will be for the Western Conference Championship againt the Detroit Demolition on July 28.  The winner of that game will then proceed to the IWFL Championship to be held in Atlanta, GA.  The two teams fighting for the Eastern Conference Championship are the New York Sharks and the Altanta Xplosion.  The Atlanta Xplosion are the 2006 IWFL Champions and will be hosting this event with the hopes of defending their title.   



Photos takens by Terri Formico

SportsPageMagazine has additional pictures from the Sacramento Sirens-Seattle Majestics game.

Walking Down Memory Lane

July 12, 2007 Leave a comment

I received an email today from Mike D’Avino, Managing Editor of Sports Page Magazine.  He congratulated the Sirens for making the playoffs and informed me that there would be a photographer in Seattle from his magazine taking photographs at the game.  He himself will also be in Washington, but for the WNBA All-Star game.  If you recall last year, the Sacramento Sirens defeated the Seattle Majestics 42-20.  Let’s take a trip down memory lane at the pictures that were taken last year. sports/2006/MajesticsFootball-6_17_06/

Pacific Southwest Champs

July 1, 2007 1 comment


Photo taken by Carol McCombs 

The Sacramento Sirens became the 2007 Pacific Southwest Division Champions when they shut down and shut out the Santa Rosa Scorchers 25 – 0.  All day long the Sirens were on target.  All day long the Sirens were on track.  Today these Sirens played as a “Family”, a feeling long missed. The Scorchers stated on their website that this would be the “biggest game ever in Scorcher history”.  The Sirens took on an early 7 point lead in the first quarter and by halftime 13.  The Scorchers only scoring effort were three drives inches before the goal line.  The Sacramento Sirens defense could not be penetrated.  Sirens took over the ball.  Third quarter the Scorchers became more and more frustrated.  The Sirens scored two more times.  By fourth quarter, the Scorchers fans cheered in the effort to motivate their team.  Their efforts were appreciated, but the Scorchers just could not harmonize.  Next stop for the Sacramento Sirens is Seattle.  If you recall last year the Sirens defeated the Seattle Majestics 42-20, which secured the Sirens in the 2006 playoffs after the Scorchers lost to the Pride.  This year the Majestics are a whole other team than they were last year.  This year they are undefeated in regular season.  The Sacramento Sirens and the Seattle Majestics will “battle” Saturday, July 14 to be one game closer to playing in the Western Conference Championship.



Photos taken by Carol McCombs 

Sacramento Sirens Lose Big

June 11, 2007 Leave a comment

What turned out to be a One More Win has now turned into a “MUST Win Two” situation.  The Sacramento Sirens were shut down and shut out against the Santa Rosa Scorchers 6-0 Saturday night.   No one dared to discount what the Scorchers had to offer as they fought to keep their game chances alive for the 2007 season.  Santa Rosa is now only one game behind the Sirens and their hopes are one step closer to being contenders in the playoff season.  If you recall last year, Corvallis upset the Scorchers out of the playoffs as well as the Sirens needed win against Seattle.  This year the Scorchers are fighting with everything that they have to upset the Sirens.  This was a big loss for the Sirens.  This win would have clenched them the division title.  Both teams must win their final two games and its going to be tough, since there will be one loser on June 30, when the Sirens and Scorchers take each other on in Santa Rosa territory. 

Come cheer on “YOUR” Sacramento Sirens this Saturday, June 16 for their final home game, as they take on the California Quake.  Game time 6 p.m. at Foothill High School (5000 McCloud Drive, Sacramento).  Gates open at 5 p.m.  See you there.

Visit the Sacramento Sirens website for more details.

One More Win

June 8, 2007 Leave a comment

With the Win in Long Beach against the California Quake, the Sacramento Sirens need only ONE more WIN to clench their division.  This weekend with the Santa Rosa Scorchers is nothing less than a MUST WIN situation in the Sacramento Sirens minds.  There are Three games left to play in regular season and only one game is needed to clench their division.  Winning ALL three would secure their home field advantage in playoff #2 if they are successful in the first round of playoffs.   


Come Cheer on “YOUR” Sacramento Sirens as they battle against the Santa Rosa Scorchers.  The theme for Saturday Nights Game:



Date: Saturday, June 9, 2007
Location: Foothill High School Stadium
Time: Gates open at 5pm