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For the 2011 PCFL Season

November 5, 2010

Since the creation of Women’s Football Talk, also known as WFB Talk,  a blog and internet radio show covering women’s tackle football as well as the end of the NGL (National Golf League) after completing only three seasons, SacTown News was placed on hold, following only a few flag football events and a recent update on an upcoming  mini-camp.

Now two years later we are dusting off the WordPress dashboard.  Last season I started a women’s six-man tackle football team and played a three game exhibition season.  During that process we took interest in a new semi-pro men’s league that made its inaugural debut in 2010.  The Pacific Coast Football League (PCFL) had 16 teams in four conferences.

For the 2011 PCFL season, SacTown News will utilize its other website, Independent Sports Network (www.isportsnetradio.com) to give support to this league.

We already follow women’s football and will continue to do so, but we want to also focus more of our efforts on men’s semi-pro.

If you are a writer/blogger or photographer, please check out the Tab requesting Writer/Photogs Wanted above to see how you can get involved as a PCFL Reporter.


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