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SWFFA off to a Great Start

September 24, 2007

(Information provided by Teala Schaff of SWFFA)

The league is off to a great start, thanks in large part to our sponsors:  Sac NOW, Wilson and Hanger 17.  We’ll have four leagues a year, all at Curtis Park, for women 18 and older and have launched a “loose” women’s list for those who want to play, but have no team.  We’ll be pairing those women with teams who need some extra players and/or forming teams of the ladies on the list.  

All of our members have game-day flag football sports accident insurance, something the city leagues have never offered, and we feel will give some piece of mind and added protection to our members.  Further, the Association has formed a league advisory committee consisting of a representative from each team that will provide input on all league activities and serve as the final say on any call disputes (i.e. jury of our peers).  

Lastly, we’ve been reaching out to the local Curtis Park community association
(Sierra Curtis Community Association) to educate and involve the immediate
community and neighbors on our league.

On a sad note, one of our long-time supporters, Gale Woolstencroft,
passed away in her sleep last week of a heart attack.  Both of her daughters
(Libby and Katie) play on our team as well as the Sirens.  
Our sports
community will be memorializing her support throughout the year and
we will miss
her constant attendance, unrivaled support and warm smile on our sidelines.
She attended every game and every practice and is known as “Mom G” by
hundreds of women in sports throughout the Sacramento region.

Our team, the Dogg Pound, is working to get a tree planted at the park in her honor, so that she can continue to be present for generations to come.   RIP Mom G.

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