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NGL Opens its 3rd Season at Coyote Creek Golf Club

August 6, 2007

The National Golf League had its season opener on Saturday, August 4 at Coyote Creek Golf Club,

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located in San Jose, CA.  Coyote Creek is tournament home to the Silicon Valley Drivers as well as home to golf pro Shawn McEntee,


who has played in over 30 PGA Tour events, playing with the likes of Lee Trevino and Fred Couples.  Shawn is currently Director of Golf at Coyote Creek.  This is the first year that Coyote Creek has hosted a National Golf League event.  Special thanks goes out to Jerry, Tony, Mike and Dick, staff members of Coyote Creek Golf Club, whom were very hospitable and accomodating to the guests, players and spectators. 

The National Golf League was founded by Davis Businessman, Bob Aube.  Speaking with him on Saturday, I was captured by his enthusiam and potential for the NGL.  Listening to him talk with envision, I too could see how this league was unfolding and where he wanted it to go.  Mr. Aube talked about the expansion of the league and to what the current teams and team owners were anticipating in the upcoming events.  I have been a follower of the National Golf League since its early beginnings when they started with just six teams.  I know what this league is capable of and I am very excited for its growth and for its future.

The National Golf League promotes ‘team play’.  27 holes are played seperated by 3 rounds of golf.  The format includes Alternate Shot, Best Ball and The Scramble.  The fans are even encouraged to walk along side the golfers through every shot and every hole.


Fans following the Silicon Valley Drivers and East Bay Power to the next hole 


Sacramento Eagles player (Brian Tucker) makes his shot at the ninth hole while spectators and players watch

Here’s what the NGL site has to say about its league:

The idea of “team play” will enhance the game of golf with new strategies and innovative coaching techniques. It will establish new rivalries that mirror other sports. As the popularity increases, media will have a new, stimulating league to extend its coverage to increased audiences. Players are enthusiastic about a new venue, one that offers an alternative to the traditional tours. Like other professional leagues, the NGL will cater to its customer – the golf fan and create a new accessible stage.

The NGL also has a new feature, with a price tag of about $50,000, so I was told.  A new web site went live last week, www.NGL.tv.  On the site you can view Teams, Players, Events, and Live Scoring.  You will soon also be able to make bets with the Fantasy feature of the site. 


Photo snapshots taken from the NGL.tv web site


Live Scoring will not only be up to the minute electronic input hole by hole, but you will also be able to track the players ball as it is being hit.  Signals will be transmitted via the ball and be able to view to where it lies on the golf course from your computer.  This new technology was being tested on Saturday.  Golfers were being followed around and signals were being sent from their golf balls.  Aspects of this site are still being developed.

The NGL season opener fan base wasn’t as high as originally anticipated, but a wedding party soon crashed the event. 


Tournament play met with success.  For the fans that did attend, they were immediately entertained by music playing at the ninth hole, located near the clubhouse.  Tents surrounded the hole as the golfers made their approach.  As each golfer made their shot, they made their way towards the announcer who greeted and introduced them to the fans.  Pictured below are team members from the East Bay Power and the Sacramento Eagles. 



Here is a glimspe of other players of the day.


East Bay Power


San Francisco Spin


Sacramento Eagles


Davis Zone

The WIN of this event went to the East Bay Power, who were trailing in the number three position up until the last hole.  That is why this league is so EXCITING…..because it can be anyone’s game up until the very end.  In second place was the Silicon Valley Drivers and finishing in third place was the Davis Zone.



Terry Moylan (Left, in white) , Owner of the East Bay Power, being congratulated by players of the Sacramento Eagles

To learn more about the National Golf League and the NGL Teams, visit www.NGL.tv .

08/08/07 Correction:  SacTown News has learned that there was a scoring error that wasn’t discovered until after the end of the tournament.  The Davis Zone took second place with 25 points and the Silicon Valley Drivers took third place with 24 points.  I was informed that the scoring process is being reviewed and modified to prevent this from happening again.

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